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UP Records Australia page

UP Records Australia

A Psychedelic music label from Australia. UP Records was founded in 2004 by Francis Frey and Alex Heilpern as a side label of SunDance Records. As time progressed the label found its own feet and was no longer a side label.

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Tags:  - trance - Psychedelic - label - ambient - electronic music - progressive - Australia - dubstep - sydney - Up Records

orb records page

orb records

Orb Records is a revolving spherical body, we are a sphere of action orbiting our planet in search of the newest sounds and creations scattered about.
We collect them, prefect them and bring them to you to create a new state of being better suited

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Tags:  - Psychedelic - label - electronica - electronic music - orb records - Zion

Beats & Pieces page

Beats & Pieces

Beats & Pieces is an electronica label aiming to release quality music in a variety of styles: : electronica, chillout, ambient, downtempo, ethnic, experimental, IDM, glitch, dub, lounge, electro, psychedelic and more, with ventures into dance music.

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Tags:  - chillout - electro - Psychedelic - label - downtempo - ambient - electronica - lounge - electronic music - IDM - glitch - Beats & Pieces

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