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Professional studio quality audio mixing and mastering

Date Added:Jan 18, 2012    Visits:514

Tags:  - Mastering - mixing

Vertigo Records page

Vertigo Records

Vertigo Records was founded specifically in order to unfold and preserve a very
special type of psychoactive music: the sort of music that gives us all a feeling
of motion when everything is stationary, the sort of music that makes you fly

Date Added:Jan 18, 2012    Visits:964

Tags:  - trance - psytrance - Psychedelic - label - goatrance - chill out - Russia - Vertigo - vertigo records

Fractaural Motif  page

Fractaural Motif

A unique aural experience that layers electronic musical motifs with acoustic
improvisation in a way that highlights the fractal nature of sound.

Date Added:Jan 18, 2012    Visits:444

Tags:  - Electronic - fractal - violin - fractaural - motif

Ketama Records page

Ketama Records

Ketama Records is Russian vinyl and digital label established by famous Ketama café which is definitely one of the best chill out places in Moscow. Ketama Records was created in 2011 to release quality downtempo, chillout, ambient and leftfield music.

Date Added:Sep 5, 2011    Visits:591

Tags:  - chillout - label - ambient - The Orb - Russia - ketama - ketama records - Moscow - cafe

Plague Music page

Plague Music

Independent netlabel and production studio specializing in goth, industrial, dark
electronic and metal.

Date Added:Aug 8, 2011    Visits:454

Tags:  - Electronic - netlabel - goth - industrial - metal - trip-hop - Plague Music

EmergencyFM Drum and Bass page

EmergencyFM Drum and Bass

Live 24/7 Drum and Bass Radio with Live Talent from Around the World! Chat, Forums, Games and Archived Mixes from our Deejay's.

Date Added:Aug 8, 2011    Visits:180

Tags:  - community - radio - drum n bass - hardcore - emergency - liquid - jump up - Emergency FM

Music Production  Videos page

Music Production Videos

Hi, I’m Mark, also known as SoundMagus.

So why did I create SoundMagus Music Production Videos? Simple. Because I love music, I love making music and I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else

Date Added:Aug 8, 2011    Visits:633

Tags:  - cubase guru - cubase video tutorials - music production video tutorials - music production videos - additive synthesis - analog synthesis - cubase - cubase tuition - granular synthesis - spectrasonics omnisphere

Costas Andreou page

Costas Andreou


Date Added:Aug 8, 2011    Visits:93

Tags:  - ambient - Electronic - downloads - instrumental - Costas Andreou

lockloadplay - Psychedelic Trance Radio page

lockloadplay - Psychedelic Trance Radio

Psytrance radio station that specialises in providing you with the latest Psychedelic Trance music and
mixes in 2011, streaming live Psy music for free 24/7. Sit back and listen to latest Psy Trance styles,
progressive, dark, goa, fullon and more.

Date Added:Aug 8, 2011    Visits:709

Tags:  - psytrance - darkpsy - Psychedelic - radio - progressive - fullon - online music - streaming - 24/7

CLUBBERPLANET - Dj mixes, electronic music portal page

CLUBBERPLANET - Dj mixes, electronic music portal

Add Your DJ Sets, Live sets, Mixes & Get Music News for the best of
electronic music, deejays, radios & more!

Date Added:Aug 8, 2011    Visits:821

Tags:  - portal - electronic music - download - trance music - mix - Russia - podcasts - DJs Mixes - clubberplanet

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