Metahuman (Greek experimental darkpsy) page

Metahuman (Greek experimental darkpsy)

Dark experimental psychedelic trance made by Metahuman (real name Kostas Kotsoris), a Greek self promoted producer!
Enjoy and leave a feedback :)

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Tags:  - psytrance - darkpsy - psy - Dark - experimental - Greece - Metahuman

Spettro Records page

Spettro Records

A label for experimental music.

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Tags:  - label - ambient - experimental - drone - Noise - avant garde - Spettro

The beautiful electronic music of dep page

The beautiful electronic music of dep

dep writes music to awaken the mind and stir the soul. If you like unique, lush electronic music, this is for you.

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Tags:  - downtempo - ambient - electronica - electronic music - experimental - IDM - shoegaze - dep

Tune-Up Loops page

Tune-Up Loops

Tune-Up Loops are inspirational and award winning apple loops for Garageband, Logic and Live.

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Tags:  - apple loops - garageband loops - garageband - live loops - logic loops - Tune-Up Loops

       Ektoplazm:  Free Music Portal and Psytrance Netlabel page

Ektoplazm: Free Music Portal and Psytrance Netlabel

the world's #1 source for free and legal psytrance, techno, and downtempo music in MP3, FLAC, and WAV format, no registration required! Here is the latest from the Ektoplazm netlabel family: Ektoplazm (psytrance), Drumlore (progressive/techno), and Omnit

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Tags:  - portal - psytrance - darkpsy - techno - goa - downtempo - netlabel - free downloads - suomi - full-on - Psybreaks - Ektoplazm

Bom Shanka Music page

Bom Shanka Music

Bom Shanka Music's psychedelic mission is promoting fresh, new, "full having it", powerful, pounding, pumping double-dipped psychedelic trance direct from the dancefloor.

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Tags:  - psychedelic trance - label - bom shanka music - hard - happy - having it



Magic psychedelic gathering

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Tags:  - trance - Psychedelic - Electronic - festival - mystika - Slovakia - smiling people - beautifull nature - middle europe

Trance Mix - Explore the World of Trance page

Trance Mix - Explore the World of Trance

From the rare trance gems, to the majestic trance hits. You will find only the
best Trance Mixes here at Trance Mix dot org.

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Tags:  - trance - mixes - DJ sets - trance mix

Loopsjunkiez - Pro Trance,House,Electro,Chillout Loops page

Loopsjunkiez - Pro Trance,House,Electro,Chillout Loops

Pro Acid Loops for Dance Music Production.Multigenres include; Dance, House, Techno, Trance, Chillout,Lounge,Breakbeat,
Benassi Bass,Dubstep,Drum&Bass and experimental Electronica.
Multiformat pro Q production in Acid,Wave,Apple,Rex2 by industry Ve

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Tags:  - production - Trance Loops - Psytrance Loops - Dream Dance Loops - How to make Trance - Trance Leads - loopsjunkiez

Clear Sound page

Clear Sound

The Bulgarian sound rental company having the most powerfull soundsystem in the country.

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Tags:  - Sound - bulgaria - sound system - light - rental - stage light - Clear Sound

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