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Minimal System Recordings - Minimal Techno and IDM Netlabel page

Minimal System Recordings - Minimal Techno and IDM Netlabel

Ultimate Minimal Techno
Love minimal techno, IDM, and electronic music in general? then welcome to Minimal System. Minimal System is a Netlabel that provides quality electronic music to the community.

Date Added:May 9, 2010    Visits:628

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InterTech Records page

InterTech Records

The original idea of InterTech Records is to build a type of "new" versatile style, in between techno and tech-house, that could be playable in clubs and in raves as well.

Date Added:Apr 24, 2010    Visits:160

Tags:  - techno - label - tech-house - Mastering - InterTech Records - ITR

Club Mastering page

Club Mastering

stem mastering online services for techno music:

Date Added:Jun 10, 2011    Visits:74

Tags:  - minimal - techno - house - dance - Mastering

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