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Jah Acid Dub - Delayrium page

Jah Acid Dub - Delayrium

We surf on heavy echoes and low hypnotic bass. Jah Acid Dub fuses dub, electro
dub, minimal dub, psychedelic dub (psydub), acid dub, ambient dub, trance dub,
etc. A unique sound, a genre in itself

Date Added:Jun 22, 2011    Visits:148

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - dub - psydub - electro dub - ambient dub - Jah Acid Dub

Jah Acid Dub and the Bad Weed Studio page

Jah Acid Dub and the Bad Weed Studio

Dub, Psydub, Electro Dub, Ambient Dub, Psytrance Dub, Dubby, Digiart
Maker !

Date Added:Jun 7, 2010    Visits:63

Tags:  - downtempo - dub - electro dub - ambient dub - psytrance dub - Jah Acid Dub - Bad Weed Studio

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