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PsyFace page


PsyFace is a psychedelic social network.

Date Added:Oct 15, 2008    Visits:237

Tags:  - community - Psychedelic - psychedelic network - social network - life style

Psyport page


A Social Network created towards the global psychedelic community!

Date Added:Dec 29, 2008    Visits:788

Tags:  - portal - psytrance - psychedelic trance - social network

Hard Candy Space page

Hard Candy Space

Hard Candy Space is a social networking site for
alternative lifestyles. It aims to be used by
artists,event promoters to showcase their musics, photos,
videos and promote theirselves within the community for

Date Added:Apr 24, 2009    Visits:388

Tags:  - community - psytrance - events - electronic music - trance music - social network - Alternative Culture - alternative lifestyles - hard candy

PsyUniverse - The Psytrance Dimension page

PsyUniverse - The Psytrance Dimension

PsyUniverse is the Psytrance Music Dimension. A Psytrance Social Network
where you will find your friends, favorite artists, videos, photos, music
and lots moreā€¦ This community is yours. Have fun trying all the features

Date Added:Nov 8, 2009    Visits:756

Tags:  - community - psytrance - Psychedelic - social network - psytrance music - psyuniverse Psychedelic Social Network page Psychedelic Social Network

bright and colorful psychedelic fractal artwork, psychedelic community, forums, games, chat, psychedelic fonts, holophonic sounds, and more!

Date Added:Jun 7, 2010    Visits:285

Tags:  - trance - community - Psychedelic - social network - psychedelic social network - hippy community

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