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Doof Records page

Doof Records

DOOF Records, has its roots deep in the underground scene of Israeli psychedelic trance. The founders are UV and ZIRKIN, after tasting the taste of true psychedelia in their travels, began organizing underground open air parties in 1995.

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Tags:  - trance - psytrance - Psychedelic - label - Doof Records - underground

Splatterkore Reck-ords page

Splatterkore Reck-ords

Splatterkore Reck-ords is an independent underground dance music label and network of artists, musicians and activists, focussed upon the encouragement of free expression of alternative realities and subculture.

Date Added:Nov 20, 2008    Visits:179

Tags:  - experimental - Psycore - underground - Gabba - Breakcore - Speedcore - Noize - splatterkore - activisim - extreme

No Comment Records page

No Comment Records

No Comment Records is a new independent label based in Warsaw/Poland. The aim of this project is a wide promotion of psychedelic culture and it's creative representatives with their innovate conceptions...

Date Added:Nov 20, 2008    Visits:503

Tags:  - psytrance - Dark - Psychedelic - label - party organiser - underground - Poland - No Coment Records page is the main portal in the fresh and underground argentinean psytrance scene, where you can find artists & party info thru all the party season.

Date Added:Nov 28, 2008    Visits:1283

Tags:  - trance - portal - forum - community - psytrance - Psychedelic - underground - party - Argentina - Buenos Aires - Scene - Maradona

Insane Chaos Circuit Recordz page

Insane Chaos Circuit Recordz

ICC brings you several high quality artists whell known around the globe , with an innovative concept in the audio market ,bringing to you an excellent audio quality and at same time a great amount of experimental sounds , a must have to nocturnal psy

Date Added:Nov 8, 2009    Visits:790

Tags:  - psytrance - Dark - Psychedelic - label - underground - dark psy - ICC - Insane Chaos Circuit

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