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Aleph Zero Records page

Aleph Zero Records

The Next Step in Sonic Evolution!
Aleph Zero is a downtempo electronica label from Israel with diverse sound. Artists/DJs: Shulman, DJ Shahar, Bluetech, Hibernation, Ishq, Vataff Project, Omnimotion, Unoccupied, Fredrik Ohr, Eitan Reiter, Aligning Minds.

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Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - label - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - Shulman - Bluetech - Omnimotion - Hibernation

Dj Alloro Cohen Tal  page

Dj Alloro Cohen Tal

Dj Alloro Cohen Tal Myspace site
free dj sets.

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Tags:  - trance - chillout - psytrance - dj - minimal - techno - goa - Psychedelic - ambient - download - set

Shulman page


One of the leading groups in the psychedelic chill out and ambient scene, Shulman have performed live in large festivals all around the world. Shulman's music is filled with evolving organic layers backed by rich harmonies. Shulman represents true innova

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Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - Shulman - electronica - psychill - ethnic

Bluetech page


A real master of digital downtempo music, Bluetech has been constantly performing all around the world, with his unmistakable and distinct emotional spacey sound. His music is a special morph of dubby beats, classic chillout influences and psychedelic amb

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Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - Bluetech - electronica - psychill - dub

Vataff Project page

Vataff Project

This special musical project initiated and headed by Victor Marinov from Bulgaria is a mix of electronic music and traditional Bulgarian instruments. The project has its own distinct sound although it contains elements of psychedelic-techno, triphop &

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Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - Vataff Project - ambient techno

 Fredric Öhr  page

Fredric Öhr

Fredric Öhr is a downtempo and ambient musician based in Stockholm, Sweden. His music is a wonderful dreamy and fresh combination of North European atmospheres and textures interlaced with Asian influences. He has already released few tracks on major lab

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Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - ethnic - Fredric Öhr

Aligning Minds page

Aligning Minds

The unique and captivating collaboration of two US based producers who use sound to achieve a mutual vision. Ethereal and dubby, uplifting and haunting, their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration

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Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - dub - Aligning Minds

UP Records Australia page

UP Records Australia

A Psychedelic music label from Australia. UP Records was founded in 2004 by Francis Frey and Alex Heilpern as a side label of SunDance Records. As time progressed the label found its own feet and was no longer a side label.

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Tags:  - trance - Psychedelic - label - ambient - electronic music - progressive - Australia - dubstep - sydney - Up Records

Echoes page


ECHOES, is a daily two hour music soundscape of ambient and new acoustic music, heard on over 130+ radio stations across the country including New York City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Orlando . Echoes is also on-line.

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Tags:  - interviews - chillout - Psychedelic - ambient - electronic music - reviews - IDM - radio - Electronic - Echoes - World Fusion - John Diliberto - acoustic - live shows

Mind Tweakers Records page

Mind Tweakers Records

Mind Tweakers Records is a net label based in Brasil and it works with the best there is in psychedelic oriented electronic music. Mind Tweakers release Full-On, Dark Psychedelic, Ambient / Chill-Out and Progressive Psychedelic.

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Tags:  - chillout - psytrance - progressive trance - darkpsy - Psychedelic - ambient - electronic music - netlabel - fullon - Brazil

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