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Bluetech page


A real master of digital downtempo music, Bluetech has been constantly performing all around the world, with his unmistakable and distinct emotional spacey sound. His music is a special morph of dubby beats, classic chillout influences and psychedelic amb

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:855

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - Bluetech - electronica - psychill - dub

Omnimotion page


Stefan Lundaahl of Sweden is known for his deep emotional ambient and chillout music. Omnimotion specializes in creating musical journeys of magical wonders, dreams, colorful soundscapes and intricate emotions filled with love for nature. His music is eno

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:245

Tags:  - chillout - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - Omnimotion - electronica - dub - lounge - trip hop

Aligning Minds page

Aligning Minds

The unique and captivating collaboration of two US based producers who use sound to achieve a mutual vision. Ethereal and dubby, uplifting and haunting, their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:443

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - dub - Aligning Minds

Node3 Records page

Node3 Records

Node3 Records is mix of Netlabel and conventional record label for the release of original, creative and experimental music: ambient; chillout; dark ambient; drone music; dub; psybient; psydub.

Date Added:Oct 14, 2008    Visits:1555

Tags:  - chillout - Dark - label - downtempo - ambient - dub - netlabel - Node3 Records - Ethno

Fluid Radio page

Fluid Radio

Fluid Radio is a site playing the very best in deep, melodic electronic sounds.
The vision is to be a universal project that allows listeners, artists, producers and promoters to be completely involved in the growth and direction of the station.

Date Added:Oct 24, 2008    Visits:1175

Tags:  - chillout - downtempo - ambient - electronica - psychill - ethnic - dub - IDM - radio - Fluid Radio - online radio - shoegaze

Fluid Motion page

Fluid Motion

Fluid Motion is the Blog Space that will be taking listeners further in to the realms of electronic music. Fluid Motion will look to expand and develop especially by focusing more on the experimental side of electronic down tempo sounds.

Date Added:Oct 24, 2008    Visits:394

Tags:  - interviews - chillout - downtempo - ambient - electronica - psychill - dub - reviews - IDM - mixes - Artist Profiles

Master Margherita page

Master Margherita

Electronic Music Composer/Producer/Label Owner

Date Added:Dec 8, 2008    Visits:90

Tags:  - chillout - psytrance - Psychedelic - downtempo - ambient - dub - love - master margherita - organic trance - world music - free style

Interchill Records page

Interchill Records

The Interchill website offers information about the label, its artists and its catalogue. The site is currently being overhauled and will launch in Jan. 2009 with new video content, downloadable mixes from Interchill label DJs and updated artist info.

Date Added:Nov 22, 2008    Visits:610

Tags:  - chillout - label - downtempo - ambient - dub - canada - World Fusion - organic electronica for expanding minds - Interchill

Dagas page


Chillout music producer from Panama and one of the most relevant underground electronic music producers from this part of the Globe. He already have international releases on important chillout/psy labels and also being played worldwide...

Date Added:Nov 26, 2008    Visits:139

Tags:  - chillout - downtempo - ambient - electronica - psychill - dub - Producer - chill - dagas - psychedellic - goth - panama

Easily Embarrassed page

Easily Embarrassed

Easily Embarrassed is the electronic chillout music project of brothers Nick and Jeffrey van der Schilden from the Netherlands. The website includes EE news, full discography, streams and a forum.

Date Added:Nov 28, 2008    Visits:89

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - dub - Electronic - Netherlands

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