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Shulman page


One of the leading groups in the psychedelic chill out and ambient scene, Shulman have performed live in large festivals all around the world. Shulman's music is filled with evolving organic layers backed by rich harmonies. Shulman represents true innova

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:899

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - Shulman - electronica - psychill - ethnic

Bluetech page


A real master of digital downtempo music, Bluetech has been constantly performing all around the world, with his unmistakable and distinct emotional spacey sound. His music is a special morph of dubby beats, classic chillout influences and psychedelic amb

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:854

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - Bluetech - electronica - psychill - dub

Vataff Project page

Vataff Project

This special musical project initiated and headed by Victor Marinov from Bulgaria is a mix of electronic music and traditional Bulgarian instruments. The project has its own distinct sound although it contains elements of psychedelic-techno, triphop &

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:407

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - Vataff Project - ambient techno

 Fredric Öhr  page

Fredric Öhr

Fredric Öhr is a downtempo and ambient musician based in Stockholm, Sweden. His music is a wonderful dreamy and fresh combination of North European atmospheres and textures interlaced with Asian influences. He has already released few tracks on major lab

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:136

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - ethnic - Fredric Öhr

Aligning Minds page

Aligning Minds

The unique and captivating collaboration of two US based producers who use sound to achieve a mutual vision. Ethereal and dubby, uplifting and haunting, their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration

Date Added:Sep 29, 2008    Visits:442

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - Aleph Zero - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - dub - Aligning Minds

orb records page

orb records

Orb Records is a revolving spherical body, we are a sphere of action orbiting our planet in search of the newest sounds and creations scattered about.
We collect them, prefect them and bring them to you to create a new state of being better suited

Date Added:Nov 22, 2008    Visits:95

Tags:  - Psychedelic - label - electronica - electronic music - orb records - Zion

MikelaBella Records page

MikelaBella Records

MikelaBella Records is a record label based in Jerusalem, Israel. Established in the beginning of the year 2007, The label has been give birth to by Itay Berger a.k.a Kukan-dub-lagan/Raijin Gaijin with a goal to push forward new & original sounds.

Date Added:Nov 22, 2008    Visits:192

Tags:  - chillout - electro - techno - Psychedelic - electronica - dub - progressive - minimal techno - downloads - kukan - MikelaBella

Indepth - Artist website page

Indepth - Artist website is the artist home page for Indepth, which is Shahar Melamed, 25 from Haifa, resident of the LUNA club for over 5 years, and electronic artist.

Date Added:Nov 26, 2008    Visits:215

Tags:  - dj - minimal - techno - Psychedelic - downtempo - electronica - progressive - mp3 - breakbeat - indepth

Easily Embarrassed page

Easily Embarrassed

Easily Embarrassed is the electronic chillout music project of brothers Nick and Jeffrey van der Schilden from the Netherlands. The website includes EE news, full discography, streams and a forum.

Date Added:Nov 28, 2008    Visits:89

Tags:  - chillout - Psychedelic - downtempo - ambient - downbeat - electronica - psychill - dub - Electronic - Netherlands

ConWerteR page


ConWerteR Music

Date Added:Nov 28, 2008    Visits:60

Tags:  - trance - psytrance - psy - Psychedelic - electronica - music - psy trance - live

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