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Deeper in Zen - Psytrance Artist page

Deeper in Zen - Psytrance Artist

Deeper in Zen - Psytrance Artist since 2000. Producing some of the most wicked tracks on the planet. Releasing tracks on Soular Records and Sonic Motion Records. Full Power sound with thick powerful bass lines and psychedelic sounds to expand your mind

Date Added:Nov 3, 2009    Visits:322

Tags:  - trance - psytrance - psychedelic trance - trance music - psytrance artist - deeper in zen

Puzzle Project UK page

Puzzle Project UK

Puzzle Project is a monthly Psy, Trance and Hard Party held in Club 414, Brixton!

Date Added:Nov 3, 2009    Visits:43

Tags:  - trance - psytrance - Psychedelic - UK - dance - party - Puzzle Project - Brixton

ChiChime page


London Psytrance Event, Providing Full On Energetic Psytrance For The Body And Mind.

Date Added:Nov 8, 2009    Visits:94

Tags:  - parties - psytrance - london - chichime page

A 24/7 Online Radio Station, related to psytrance, chill out and progressive trance.
With news regarding the psychedelic trance scene, interviews, reviews, press releases, forum and more...

Date Added:Nov 3, 2009    Visits:193

Tags:  - chillout - psytrance - full on - radio - psytrance radio - online radio - psyfreakz

Insane Chaos Circuit Recordz page

Insane Chaos Circuit Recordz

ICC brings you several high quality artists whell known around the globe , with an innovative concept in the audio market ,bringing to you an excellent audio quality and at same time a great amount of experimental sounds , a must have to nocturnal psy

Date Added:Nov 8, 2009    Visits:756

Tags:  - psytrance - Dark - Psychedelic - label - underground - dark psy - ICC - Insane Chaos Circuit

Erofex page


Erofex is a Producer and DJ from Bolivia with several releases on different record labels from around the world. Visit the official webpage

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:32

Tags:  - psytrance - Records - neurotrance - erofex - Bolivia - south america

DenverTrance page


Home of psychedelic and progressive trance in Colorado. Event listings, promotions, and discussion of electronic music and culture.

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:515

Tags:  - psytrance - psychedelic trance - progressive trance - Psychedelic - events - music - USA - party organizer - Colorado - Denver

Cubase Guru page

Cubase Guru

The concept is simple, create affordable (and free) high quality music production video tutorials teaching people how to achieve an “above average” level of musicality and production in their own projects.

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:395

Tags:  - psytrance - sound design - Video Tutorial Courses - cubase guru - cubase video tutorials - music production video tutorials - teaching - free videos - synthesis - sampling

Moonloop Records page

Moonloop Records

Moonloop Records is a record label based in Switzerland, whose contributors have a long and strong presence in the global psytrance scene. Eclectic compilations mixing psy subgenres like progressive, night psychedelia, morning or full-on and ambient.

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:312

Tags:  - psytrance - full on - Psychedelic - label - ambient - progressive - switzerland - Moonloop - Moonloop Records

Organik Media page

Organik Media

We are a production company and record label from Cape Town, South Africa. We run the longest running weekly Psynight in South Africa along with hosting outdoor festivals in summer and large indoor events in winter. We also have a regular release schedule

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:262

Tags:  - psytrance - label - events - South Africa - party organizer - Organik - Organik Media - Parana - Cybernetix - Cape Town

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