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Insane Chaos Circuit Recordz page

Insane Chaos Circuit Recordz

ICC brings you several high quality artists whell known around the globe , with an innovative concept in the audio market ,bringing to you an excellent audio quality and at same time a great amount of experimental sounds , a must have to nocturnal psy

Date Added:Nov 8, 2009    Visits:790

Tags:  - psytrance - Dark - Psychedelic - label - underground - dark psy - ICC - Insane Chaos Circuit

Moonloop Records page

Moonloop Records

Moonloop Records is a record label based in Switzerland, whose contributors have a long and strong presence in the global psytrance scene. Eclectic compilations mixing psy subgenres like progressive, night psychedelia, morning or full-on and ambient.

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:326

Tags:  - psytrance - full on - Psychedelic - label - ambient - progressive - switzerland - Moonloop - Moonloop Records

Organik Media page

Organik Media

We are a production company and record label from Cape Town, South Africa. We run the longest running weekly Psynight in South Africa along with hosting outdoor festivals in summer and large indoor events in winter. We also have a regular release schedule

Date Added:Nov 1, 2009    Visits:272

Tags:  - psytrance - label - events - South Africa - party organizer - Organik - Organik Media - Parana - Cybernetix - Cape Town

Bom Shanka Music page

Bom Shanka Music

Bom Shanka Music's psychedelic mission is promoting fresh, new, "full having it", powerful, pounding, pumping double-dipped psychedelic trance direct from the dancefloor.

Date Added:Jun 20, 2010    Visits:413

Tags:  - psychedelic trance - label - bom shanka music - hard - happy - having it



At the end of 2007 begins a new era with the creation of Andean Tribe which includes a great variety of members coming from all over the world and cultures.

Date Added:May 9, 2010    Visits:173

Tags:  - psytrance - Psychedelic - label - events - Bolivia - Andean Tribe

AntiShanti Records page

AntiShanti Records

Psychedelic Trance Label

Date Added:May 9, 2010    Visits:307

Tags:  - psytrance - Psychedelic - label - ambient - experimental - AntiShanti - AntiShanti Records

Koothoomi Records - Independent Essex Record Label - Vinyl For Sale page

Koothoomi Records - Independent Essex Record Label - Vinyl For Sale

Koothoomi Records are an independent record label set up in late 2008, and they are looking for unsigned acts to sign. Send them you demos now!!! They also have vinyl records for sale, and song rights to songs they own for sale.

Date Added:May 9, 2010    Visits:40

Tags:  - trance - label - house - Record Label - vinyl - Koothoomi Records - Koothoomi

!Organism page


!Organism is a Switzerland-based digital label founded in 2008 by Yann Stricker, also known as Yan.Ka or Das. The label produces techno / minimal grooves.

Date Added:Jun 19, 2011    Visits:100

Tags:  - minimal - label - music - electronic music - minimal techno - minimalism - minimal techno electronic music - minimal electronic - !Organism - minimal house

Psyderweb Records Netlabel page

Psyderweb Records Netlabel

Psychedelic Netlabel who releases free music by talented artists.

Date Added:Apr 24, 2010    Visits:850

Tags:  - darkpsy - psy - goa - Dark - Psychedelic - label - netlabel - free downloads

Beats & Pieces page

Beats & Pieces

Beats & Pieces is an electronica label aiming to release quality music in a variety of styles: : electronica, chillout, ambient, downtempo, ethnic, experimental, IDM, glitch, dub, lounge, electro, psychedelic and more, with ventures into dance music.

Date Added:May 9, 2010    Visits:1197

Tags:  - chillout - electro - Psychedelic - label - downtempo - ambient - electronica - lounge - electronic music - IDM - glitch - Beats & Pieces

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